Texas BBQ Team-builder


Duration: 2 to 6+ hrs


The Best Meeting Ever

Everyone responsible for getting employees or customers together to build camaraderie and reward their teams needs to know about this experience. Your best employees and customers deserve some time away from the grind to unwind. There are countless stories of team-building events gone wrong. Do the wrong event meant to reward a team? They will resent the time spent and wish you had given them more PTO.

But what if there was a unique experience out there that everyone enjoys? Throwing axes or hitting golf balls at Top Golf isn’t for everyone. Everyone loves food. Instead of taking your team to an extravagant dinner, what if a ‘celebrity’ chef or pitmaster cooked it right in front of your team while teaching them how to do it on their own? What if they learned how to do it themselves on the most popular BBQ grills and smokers available today?

A spectacular meal. The most popular craft beers, wines and spirits (if preferred for your group). Learning how to cook it at home. Colleagues sharing their own cooking knowledge or what they are learning with each other. Teams leave this meeting as a tighter bunch, and feeling like they got to play hooky.

Let’s cook together!


Frisco and Denison


(903) 364-0990