Pitmaster Your Party


Duration: 3 to 6+ hrs


Emcee or deejay?

When it comes down to it the life of the party is often the master of ceremonies. When an event revolves around food that master is often the chef, and when it revolves around BBQ they call the chef a pitmaster. That was a mouthful, but it’s the mouthfuls that these guys are able to create that will leave your guests feeling like they had the time of their lives.

Want to do something really special? Instead of your typical backyard party, what if the party could feature a pitmaster or chef from the hottest spots in town? And even if the culinary talent you choose for your event isn’t ‘famous’, how much more fun do you think your guests will have with a true personality leading the party with culinary greatness.

BBQ Angler makes your event most memorable one by providing an intimate, exclusive culinary experience right in your backyard. When do you want to throw the event of a lifetime? 

Let’s cook together!


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