Pellet Grilling Pointers


Duration: 4 hrs


Pellet Pitmasters Rise Up

Time. The longer we’re on this rock the more we value it and the more it feels like we have less and less of it. There are so many that like the idea of smoking meats at home, but don’t even think about it further because they can’t fathom having enough time to even try. Although burning native woods in BBQ pits hand-welded from old farm tanks is still the choice of the most traditional pitmasters, great results can be achieved other ways.

 A pellet smoker allows you to start up, reach and hold a steady cooking temperature faster and easier than any other outdoor grill option available today. Referred to by die-hard barbecuers as the ‘easy-bake-oven’, it really is an easier way to smoke. Not everyone has the time to put in to keeping a traditional smoker temp steady for double digit cooks. Getting close to the same results with a ton less effort has triggered an uprising of backyard pitmasters.

Learn everything you ever wanted to know about using a pellet smoker in this class. We cover all of the pointers that come with years of experience using these amazing cookers. Stuff you won’t find in the owner’s manual.


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