Just Ask Us!

Texas BBQ Teambuilder

The style of BBQ the rest of the world can only mimic. Cooking on the latest grills with your comrades builds comradery.

All Things Kamado

With a little guidance this type of grill becomes one of the most enjoyable and forgiving things you’ll ever cook on.

Brisket Prep & Takehome

Trim and prep have large effect on end result when cooking a brisket. Prep with us, then bring it home and throw it on.


Looking for a custom experience?

Pellet Grilling Pointers

Pellet smokers are the rage. They make it easy for so many more people to try smoking meats in their backyards.

Your Soiree, Your Way

No party too big or too small. You pick the theme. We make it revolve around cooking and enjoying great BBQ.

Pitmaster Your Party

Like an emcee or deejay, pitmasters and chefs are some of the most entertaining and storied people that can amp any event.

Join Online from Anywhere in the World!

BBQ cooking classes and experiences we create for public consumption will also be available online.

Please excuse our dust, coming soon!! 

Let’s cook together!


Frisco and Denison


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