Brisket Prep & Takehome


Duration: 3.5 hrs


Become a Brisket Pro

When it comes to smoking meats, brisket is often looked at as a mountain one must climb. Working with people at every level of cooking skill, we know that cooking a brisket triggers anxiety in even the most experienced of chefs. Relax. In this class we cover the entire process involved, so you go home locked and loaded to cook a great brisket of your own.

Cooking a brisket starts at the butcher. We give advice on where to buy your briskets and what to look for when picking them out. We demonstrate ways to trim your brisket for desired effect, and then you immediately put your quality carving knife, temp cutting board and dry rub seasoning (all provided) to work. Ever go to a class or demonstration only to forget everything you learned on the ride home? That doesn’t happen here.

You leave with a prime brisket trimmed, seasoned, and ready to go in your smoker or grill. You go forward in life armed with tried and true brisket cooking instructions from professionals. 


Let’s cook together!


Frisco and Denison


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