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Culinary experiences

Texas BBQ Teambuilder

The style of BBQ the rest of the world can only mimic. Cooking on the latest grills with your comrades builds comradery.

3hrs to 6+hrs

All Things Kamado

With a little guidance this type of grill becomes one of the most enjoyable and forgiving things you’ll ever cook on.

3hrs 30 Min

Brisket Prep & Bringhome

Trim and prep have large effect on end result when cooking a brisket. Prep with us, then bring it home and throw it on.

2hrs 45 Min
“Today we reinvented playing hooky, and the boss paid for it! Who knew that learning how to cook on the latest BBQ grills could be so much fun?!”
“Simply seeing someone else use a backyard smoker got me over the fear of trying.”
“Who knew that to cook a great brisket there is much to do before even putting it on a grill. It’s on now!”

Let’s cook together!


Frisco and Denison


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